Canadian Orders


The costs of processing, shipping and handling to Canada are much higher than those to the US.  But here are several ideas on how to minimize those costs.

**Get all your friends together, place one order and split the costs.
Ordering 3 or 4 cakes shipped together, makes the shipping costs tolerable.

**If you have lots of freezer space, order 3 or 4 cakes at a time.  Our cakes freeze exceptionally well for all year enjoyment. They can be kept frozen for up to a year and taste just as good as the day they were baked!

**Order 3 or 4 cakes and use them for special occasion desserts, gifts and/or parties.

**Do you have a nearby US address or a friend with one? Order exactly what you need, but have it shipped to that nearby US address of yours (or your friend’s) to avoid the foreign shipping.

**Consider a combination of any of the above that fits your needs; we will help you in any way possible.

Our cakes travel very well and stay fresh for well over 3 weeks, as long as they are kept wrapped and in a cool place. As noted above, our cakes can be frozen for a year!  Rum is a wonderful preservative! These cakes are ScRUMptious!

HERE’S HOW TO ORDER—Order by email or by Phone; the best way is by email (no phone bill).  Use our website or Facebook page to review the flavors and sizes and decide on what you want. Then place your order via email.

We will need a credit card for the payment at some point; once you place your order we will guide you on how to make payment.  Noted below is an example of the costs.  As you can see, if you get your friends to place an order with you, the per cake costs for S & H are much less than each of you ordering your own cake separately. So get your friends together to place an order!


1 Large Cake= $46.00 + ($33 + 15) (S& H) = $94
2 Large Cakes= $92 + ($43 + $15) (S& H) = $150
3 Large Cakes= $138 + ($50 +$15) (S&H) = $203
4 Large Cakes= $184 + ($60 + 22) (S&H) = $266

If other cake amounts are needed, just ask us for the pricing.