(Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I find Auntie’s Rum Cakes?  Our cakes can be purchased on line through this website or through our Facebook Page (using our SHOP tab icon); or on location & in gourmet stores in Findlay, Ohio and in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Our rum cakes are also featured on the menus of various restaurants in both locations. Click on the link for further details.

How much are the cakes?  All large cakes are $46.00, plus $14.00 shipping and handling, for a total of $60.00; all small cakes are $29.00 plus $11.00 shipping and handling for a total of $40.00.

These prices are for all types and flavors of each of Auntie’s cakes and include shipping & handling to all US states with the following exceptions:  For shipments to TX, SD, OK, WY,CO NM, ID, UT,AZ, NV an additional $2.00 S & H must be charged. For shipments to CA, OR, WA, HI, AK, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and all  APO Addresses, an additional $3.00 S & H must be charged.

We hate having to break it down like this, but given the annual increase in both raw materials and shipping costs, after many years of not increasing our prices, and using a flat rate for all the US, we were forced to increase prices just a little, and also to use additional S & H charges for some states, just to be closer to the actual shipping costs. We still, however, are the best rum cake around, and also the best priced for what you get!

Do you ship to Canada? Yes, we do! However, the costs of processing, shipping and handling to Canada are much higher than those to the US. Please check out our page on Canadian Orders on how to order and minimize costs.

When will my order be shipped?  Under normal circumstances, your cake will be processed and shipped as quickly as in 1-2 days or generally within 4-5 business days, unless it is our super busy year end holiday season. Order early for the holidays.  Also, if you order more than 10 cakes at once it may take a few days more. If you want to ensure delivery for a specific time and thus avoid any back order possibilities, order 2 to 3 weeks from the desired ship date, and just advise us of the desired arrival date range.  If you miss the spot to place such information when you order, simply provide the information in a follow up email mentioning your full name to connect it with your on line order.  If your order is for more than 25 cakes, Auntie will contact you to jointly determine an acceptable delivery date.

How are the cakes shipped?  Each cake is shipped via Priority Mail. These cakes travel very well and arrive fresh-tasting, as if baked on that day.

How will my cake arrive?  Each cake is wrapped in aluminum foil to preserve the aroma and freshness and placed in a white bakers box with Aunties label. Then the cake is further carefully packed for safe travel. Upon request we will include a short gift message on the Packing Slip.

Do the cakes have an expiration date?  The cakes are made using the finest ingredients and do not contain any specific preservatives.  If stored in a cool dry place and wrapped with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, they will last up to 2-3 weeks.  Those cakes that contain rum, the rum acts as a natural preservative and may last longer.  Once opened, avoid refrigeration; that will tend to dry out the cakes.  For longer storage, wrap the cake in aluminum foil and then double plastic (airtight) and freeze for up to 18 months. These cakes freeze and thaw exceptionally well for year round enjoyment, just like the day they were baked!

Do cakes contain rum alcohol?  Some people say the rum is cooked and all the alcohol is evaporated leaving only the flavoring.  Auntie says…  I don’t think so; not my cakes!  You taste it, and you be the judge.  If you should not or would prefer not to have products with alcohol, Auntie recommends ordering her Rum-Free cakes –they were developed Just For You! They are just as tasty, but do not contain any alcohol.

How many people do the cakes serve?  Depending on your serving size, the large cakes serve 16-24 people and the small cakes serve 8-12 people. Our Wedge can serve 2 -3 people and our Jus A Tease is just that… a tease for 1-2 people.

Can I freeze the cake?  Absolutely, Yes.  To prevent freezer burn, be sure that it is properly wrapped.  First, wrap the cake in heavy duty aluminum foil, and then use several pieces of plastic wrap, making sure that no air is trapped inside.  Place the wrapped cake in a heavy plastic freezer bag (or zip lock) and secure it with a tie or with tape.  Label and date the bag. To defrost the cake, let it sit overnight  (or for several hours) on kitchen counter without unwrapping it, to keep in all the cake’s aroma and moisture.  Once defrosted, cake is as fresh tasting as the day it arrived. Serve it at room temperature.

How do I store the cake?  The cakes can be stored at room temperature. The cakes must be covered with aluminum foil or plastic wrap even when kept in a cake cover to retain its extreme moisture and freshness.  If hot climate conditions apply, please store in a cool place (preferably, not in the refrigerator).  If you do refrigerate, let it reach room temperature before serving for maximum flavor. (Let it sit covered; or microwave a slice on high for no more than 10 seconds).

What is the best way to serve the cake? Room temperature is desired. Auntie’s Rum Cakes are wonderful served plain, but you can add your favorite topping if desired. Check out our suggested sauces.