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….Here’s More Testimonials for you to Ponder…..

“Vacationed in St. Thomas over Easter and dined at Cuzzins.  My wife and I had rum cake for dessert and thought it was the best we have ever had.”   –J. Michael, June 2009.

“My good friend sent us one a few years ago as a present and we have been sending them as gifts ever since…Honestly it is the best thing to eat I have ever put into my mouth.”   –M. Bennett, December 2009.

“Not really a cake eater, but when I took my first bite of this cake, it was like “WOW!!”   -Anonymous, May 2009.

“Cake is marvelous, one bite and I knew what gift to send my husband.“   -J. Boyd,  May 2009.

“My rum cake order arrived at my office just in time for our “Hawaiian Shirt Day” celebration. Everyone was so excited about the idea of having a “rum cake” that I think they forgot that it contained real rum! (Of course, I had to cut the cake in thin slices, so we could carry on with work)  I ordered the Spiked Lemonade rum cake and it was absolutely delicious!.  The cake was moist and flavorful.  Everyone who tasted it asked for the website, so they can order for a special occasion.  Your rum cake was the hit of our feast!  Thank you and keep on baking those cakes!”   -Jan E. 2009.

“I have received my cakes and they were both excellent!!!  They actually came earlier that I thought.  It was less than four days.  I will be ordering again.”   -C. Jamieson  August 2009.

Thank you again for the delicious rum cake that you had delivered for my birthday celebration in St. Thomas on May 2…it was amazing…the perfect cake for a perfect day.”   –Cherri, June 2008.

“Thanks so much for your quick reply and confirmation.  These two orders were my first time using the online system…I couldn’t believe how quickly I received the cakes!”   -Cherri, December 2008.

“Had the rum cake at Cuzzins a few days ago and thought it was incredible.  I just had to send a couple as gifts.”   -L. Bowman, December 2008.

“Thank you for your continued updates.  Very professional and I’m impressed.”   -Stacy S., August 2008.

“You have a great product and a developing market.  I hope that you are receiving many rewards.”   -Suzi H., November 2008.

“Let me say that the cake is delicious.  It arrived two days before Thanksgiving and I am enjoying it all by myself.”   -Gerda W., November 2008.

“ I heard about your business through the Steve Harvey Morning show awhile back.  I really love rum cake but it is so hard to find businesses who are good and serve it in the Ft.Lauderdale area.  I look forward to receiving my cake and sharing it with my family and friends this Thanksgiving.  Thank you again.”   -A. Thomas, November 2008.

“THANK YOU… The cake IT IS THE TRUTH… I’ve already told my friends about your cake; so, so good, again thank you.”   -The Browns,  July 2008.

“You were right!! That cake was sooo delicious. I am not a big fan of cake and wanted to try this one; can’t tell you how much it was enjoyed and the group who ate it will probably now order one of their own. Again I want to thank you so much.”   -Karen C.,  July 2008.

“My mother ordered a rum cake… it was great, wonderful. My husband wants to know if you make caramel 3 layers cake with rum.”   -A. Culp, July 2008.

“Thank you Auntie. The cakes made it to the addressees. And the report back is that they are off the chain!  God is good. You all keep going.”   –William M., August 2008.

“After a very difficult day at work, I arrived home to find my neighbor holding my cake.  We sat down and had some right away.  I tell you, it tastes like it was just pulled from the oven.  The only problem with the cake is that it will not make it to the weekend.  I am sure it will be half gone by bedtime. I can assure you I will be ordering more cakes in the future.  I wanted to share some with my co-worker that brought me a piece of hers; but she is going to have to wait on the next cake!! Thank you again for this delightful cake.  I can’t believe how moist it is.  Great job.  Can’t wait for the next one.”   -C. Austin, August 2008.

“The cake was the realllll thing.”   -T. Easley, August 2008.

“I ordered one to share with a friend and the other one is for a party I’m having later on.  Well, I decided right away to taste the one that I’m sharing because I remembered the testimonies on the internet.   All I can say is “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!!”  The cake is absolutely delicious!!  If I have a few more slices I might feel a little tipsy, LOL!!! LOL!!!  The cake is out of this world, it’s FRESH, it’s MOIST and it’s absolutely DELICIOUS.  Thank you for being on the Steve Harvey Morning Show.  I will DEFINITELY be ordering more cakes from you in the near future.  I’m a very satisfied customer.”   –LaToria B.,August 2008.

“I just wanted to thank you for such a fabulous Spiked Lemonade rum cake. The entire family LOVED it! It was the perfect gift.”   -Freda D., August 2008.

“How surprised I was to hear from you so quickly !!!!  Love doing  business with your company…I am so happy being on the Steve Harvey show made such a  wonderful difference for you.  That is exactly where I heard you.”   -Carole 2008.

“I was hoping to have the cakes delivered in time for my twins’ third birthday party or for our house warming party later on.  I realize the huge backorders is because of the Steve Harvey Show exposure; so we will gladly enjoy them upon receipt.  God Bless and thank you for advising of the status.”   -Gemma, July 2008.

“This is the best cake I’ve ever tasted.  I’ve tasted rum cake before, but this is over the top!“   –G. Polsgrove, December, 2007.

“Thanks to Dr. Yetta Galiber, who had the Auntie’s Rum cakes flown in to Memphis, TN during the weekend of Oct 5, 6 & 7, more than 60 individuals from across the country fell in deep, deep love with Auntie’s Rum cakes!!  Not a meal, a snack or a conversation was had without stop playing and break out the Rum Cake!  We LOVE YOU Auntie!”   –Sharon Wheeler, November 2007.

“Oh My Gosh!  I was given one of your cakes as a gift and now want to know how to do it for others.  Can you give me ordering instructions?  Thanks.“   -Marty Bennett, December 2007.

“You are such an angel, and I truly mean that!!  I know how hectic things must be for you right now and your personal and caring service does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!  Those orders are correct and I will just pick my own cake up. Thank you so much for your kindness and of course your wonderful cakes!“   –Kathy Wortman, December 2007.

“My boyfriend and I just got back from a wonderful vacation in St. Thomas where we had a the rum cake at Cuzzin’s restaurant.  It was the best rum cake we’ve ever had and so we’ve decided to order it for a holiday party we are throwing.  We look forward to being loyal customers for years to come!”   -Nicole Desir-Fortner, December 2007.

“What a treat!!  Auntie’s Rum Cake is so delicious!!  Even my mom, a very particular and very good cook, loved it.  It’s the best rum cake she has ever had…..right now I’m going to eat another piece of rum cake. Tell Auntie she is the best!“   –Paula Hardie, December 2007.

“Thanks for your good service. Be well!!“   -Bradley Bennett, December 2007.

“Everyone loved your cakes, hopefully you will get some business from my event…..I think your cakes represent our Islands perfectly.  Thank you.”   –Lynda M. Brooks, U.S.V.I. Department of Tourism, Washington, DC, December  2007.

“Your rum cake is not like any one else’s – it’s far better!!!”   –Henry Kurlansik, December  2007.

“I had your rum cake at Cuzzins in St. Thomas.  I’m hooked for life.  Any chance of coming to northern California SF Bay area?“   -Tony, December  2007.

“Martha gave me a slice of your incredible cake.  I decided to order one for a friend’s birthday.  I have been telling everyone in New Mexico about your website and delicious cakes.  Your rum cakes are like slices of heaven and a reminder of the best things about the Virgin Islands: the cool tradewinds, the turquoise waters, the hot sunny beaches, and Auntie’s Rum Cake.  What a delicious combination!“   -Paula Morgan, April 2007.

“My husband and I just returned from a cruise aboard the Mariner of the Sea.  We visited St. Thomas and ate at Cuzzins.  We tried your delicious rum cake.  I have never eaten a cake so moist and delicious.  We all fell in love with it and haven’t been able to get it out of our minds.  It was so yummy.  We can’t wait to get more of it… I plan to have a Caribbean party and want to send a few home with my guests.  I wish you the best of everything and God bless you and your business.”   –Judy Simmons, June 2007.

“Absolutely delicious! Auntie bakes these rum cakes with just the right amount of sweetness, flavor and texture.  Probably one of the moistest cakes I have ever eaten!  Highly recommend.  And, I have had the fortune of actually meeting Auntie and watched her perform her baking miracles, these delectable rum cakes.  Her cakes are great and so is she.”   -Cordelia Jones,  June  2007.

“Thank you for being such a good cook and for helping me get your fabulous rum cakes in St. Thomas.  They traveled to Miami and then to Madrid, Spain.  As you said, they travel with no problem, moist and the flavor remained exactly the same as they were in St. Thomas.  I love your cake, I really do!!!  I used to live in Venezuela and, I’ve traveled plenty in the Caribbean; wherever I travel, I taste the rum cake.  I must tell you that yours is the best rum cake, by far, I have ever tried!!!  So I decided to make it last as long as possible, but once it got to Spain and my friends tried it, it was impossible to stop them or me, of course.  Now I have a big problem, how do I get Auntie’s Rum Cakes in Madrid, Spain?”   -Mariana Cerrolaza, Madrid, Spain, December  2006.

“Thank you for being who you are and sharing some of your moments with me while I was at the Crystal Palace.  It made such a big difference in the thoughts and feeling I had about St. Thomas and the surrounding and it really meant a lot to me.  The cake… let’s not forget the best cake I ever had!  You are a beautiful person and it definitely comes through in your kindness and your cooking.  My mother used to say that one could tell a lot about a person just by the way a person’s food taste, so always taste the food first!!  So, thank you again for simply being who you are and the love you so freely gave me.  Sincerely, in love, joy and truth,”   -Allee, November 2006.

“That rum cake is DELICIOUS!  My husband wanted me to get the recipe.  I told him I could order as many cakes as he wanted but I would never see the recipe as it was TOP SECRET.  As long as I could get more, he seemed happy.  Thank you so much.”   -Glenna Parker, May 2006.

“Your desserts went over sooooo well.  They were the highlight of my party!  Thanks again for getting them to me so soon.”   –Tiphanie Yanique, May 2006.

“OMG!!!!  That cake was out of this world!! Since there were only 4 of us, I cut serving sized pieces and saran-wrapped them to death and put them in the freezer to keep me from eating the whole thing on my day off!”   -Jodi McGuire, June  2006.

“I must truly say that I am very impressed. The cake speaks for itself!  Very, very delicious.  My fiancée and I love it.  You can taste the rum once you bite into the slice.  I totally love it. So now I would like to know, how much for one of your rum raisin cakes that serves about 125 people?  Thank you kindly for sending me the samples, they were excellent.”   -Taryn Ford, August  2006.

“I had a piece of rum cake at Cuzzins last week – it was great!”   -Anonymous, May 2006.

“What a wonderful, moist & flavorful cake….even after being lost in the refrigerator for 2 months (we had too many holiday treats)!”   -Pat Armstrong,  February  2006.

“Great! And everyone continues to RAVE about your cakes!”   -Rita Dudley-Grant, January 2006.

“I received one of your rum cakes from my friend as a Christmas gift.  This cake was the most delicious cake that I have ever tasted.  I was very upset with my friend for giving me this cake because I could not stop eating it.”   –Vanessa, Sag Harbor, December 2005.

“My aunt called me Christmas morning and said that they just delivered the rum cakes to us.  I was so surprised and what a great gift. They are delicious and you will hear from us in the new year for more orders!  Thank you again for the speedy order.”   -Joyce Pace, December  2005.

“Hey the rum cakes are flippin sweet.  They are probably some of the best I have ever had, I’d have to say.“   -Jay Viera, December 2005.

“I tasted your cake that Brenda brought down for Thanksgiving.  DELISH!!!!!  I’ve no doubt that you will be busy this holiday season.  God Bless.”   -Dana Ladd,  November 2005.

“I have to say that Auntie’s Rum Cakes are unbelievable!  They make great gifts and they arrive on time, and in perfect condition.  Do yourself a favor and forget about ordering from Harry and David.  The people on your gift list will never be able to thank you enough!!!   Awesome Gift!”   –Sandy Touris  November 2005.

“Thanks for including the knife. That allowed me to immediately dig in.  Excellent!! Do I really have to share it?  Of course I will in hopes that we can get you more business.”   -Kathy G. Beckett, March  2005.

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