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“Once again your rum cake is by far the BEST cake I have ever eaten!  I devoured it within two days & barely shared any with my friends.”   –Nicci Roos, July 2004.

“Oh my God, what did you put in that rum cake to make it so moist?  It was absolutely orgasmic!”   –C.B. January 2004.

“You bake a phenomenal cake, girl”   -Les Francis, February 2004.

“I’ll have to take precautions when I offer your cake in our restaurant; people will fight over it!”   –Brant Steele, Owner, Cuzzin’s Restaurant USVI, January 2004.

“Absolutely wonderful!  This cake is the best cake I’ve ever had.”   -Anne and Tom Patton April 2004.

“Coming from a restaurant background. I’m very critical of food; it takes a lot to impress me.  Your rum cake was absolutely stupendous.  I want to commend you on how they taste.  Delightfully and absolutely delicious.  A+ for assignment, very, very good.”   –Craig Brown, SBD Centers. April 2004.

“The cake arrived in perfect shape but only stayed that way a few hours.  I couldn’t wait, tried to keep the family away, but no use.  It was outstanding.  You have a standing order every year for a large cake for Christmas.”   –Glen Goodier, February 2004.

“The best rum cake I’ll ever taste, better than the best boxed ones.  My guests all loved it!”   -Diddie Michael, January 2004.

“Delicious, exquisiteIt transports you to some other place!”   –M.R., December 2003.

“It was delicious. More than I ever imagined!”   -Ned DeLong, July 2004.

“Yummmm, this cake is wonderful (Kathy). That is excellent (Don).  We completely endorse it.  There is no comparison (with a Bermuda rum cake); hers (Auntie’s) wins hands down!  Hers is much better!”   -Kathy & Don Hill, Baker (34 years), Kathy’s Kustom Bakery, August 2004.

“Wow, this is really,really good.  It melts in your mouth. I’ll take 4 cakes.”   –R. DeFloreo, November 2004.

“It’s so moist.  How do you do that?”   -CB

“That cake is out of this world”   -Blanca Smith, Owner, Villa Blanca Hotel, June 2004.

“Hmmmmm, this cake is excellent”   -Joyce S. 2004.

“Once again the rum cake was excellent and I definitely want to order one for my girlfriend’s engagement party…“   -Michelle R. February 2004.

“I know you will succeed in whatever you do. Your Rum Cakes are a good example! Wow! They are good!  Thanks for sharing your cake with us!”   -Darcy Bailey Kulesha  August 2004.

“Thank you so much for the rum cake samples. I’m still hungover! Seriously, they were delicious and I will spread the word”   -J. Ingram, October 2004.

“Absolutely Wonderful! Oprah needs to hear about this cake!”   –A. Schroeder, June 2004.

“Thought you would want to know; the cake you donated was auctioned at the Children’s Wishing Star Charity event for $ 317!”   -S. A.  August 2004.

“Your cake is delicious. It is so moist – Wow, it is wonderful. This is Yummy”   -Kellie Bell, October  2004.

“We are having a group in May that MUST have your rum cake!! It’s an International Postal Conference and the organizer has been planning it since last year and specifically requested rum cake!!!! Guess what – YOU’RE NATION WIDE!!”   -Cuzzins Restaurant,  April 2004.

 “The cake arrived in perfect condition, as usual. And as always, I expected it to be nothing more than phenomenal; and as before, it exceeded my expectations… very, very good. A delightful way to celebrate my birthday”   -Les Francis,  August 2004.

“Got the cake – It was good – I only ate two pieces in one sitting. Very good, very good and I love it”   -Jennifer Friday, September 2004.

“Wanted to place another order for Auntie’s Rum Cakes – Tastes good”   -Dr. Tamara Hill-Bennett, September 2004.

“The rum cake was delicious and the one I sent to our son in law for his birthday was enjoyed very much. I’m keeping you in mind for Christmas”   -Kathy Ballenger, Esq.  September 2004.

 “This is even better than I thought it would be.  The Rum Raisin is my favorite, but then I also like the Virgin Pina Colada Cake.  My wife’s favorite is the Classic (Rum-Free) cake.  The Rum-Free cakes are just as good as those with rum. Put me down for 10 cakes to give to my clients for the holidays.”   -S. Brown, October 2004.

“Traditionally, the South is known for its desserts because it claims the greatest cooks.  Although I am originally from the south, I must admit that I have never tasted any cake as delicious as Auntie’s Rum Cakes.  I recently had the pleasure of tasting her entire line of Rum-Free Cakes –and I loved them all!  My favorites are the Spice Cider, the Cool Lemonade, & the Hot Chocolate. They all literally melt in your mouth and will have you begging for more.”   -Z. Hooper November 2004.

“Cake is absolutely delicious”   -Barry Williams, Esq.,  December 2004.

 “What a pleasant surprise! I got the Rum cake about 18 minutes ago and have already eaten two pieces. It’s great (like you never heard that before)! The cake is Awesome!”   -Steve Teffenhardt, December 2004.

“I am a chocoholic but I no longer order chocolate cake from the dessert menu at any restaurant because they usually taste like flavorless dry powder.  However, if I found your Hot Chocolate Cake on the dessert menu I would order it for the main course because your cake is divine.“   -Beth Claypool, Esq. December 2004.

“By far the best rum cake –maybe even the best cake –we’ve ever had!  Canada can’t wait for Auntie’s Rum Cake!“   –Bruce & Gina, Ontario, Canada, January 2005.

“Auntie’s Rum Cakes are by far the most exquisitely flavorful and unbelievably moist cakes I’ve every eaten!”   –Lisa Wood, Texas, March 2005.

“No Matter the occasion, your cakes are always a hit!  The family has come to expect one at each gathering!”   -Uni K.  March 2005.

“Thanks for including the knife.  That allowed me to immediately dig in.  Excellent!!!!  Do I really have to share it?  Of course I will in hopes that we can get you more business.”   -Kathy Beckett, Esq.  March 2005.

“Your extraordinary rum cakes delight the eye and nose while seducing the palate.  They are too good to be legal!”   –Allan Shatkin, March 2005.

“I got one of your cakes from a vendor as a thank you. It truly is the best rum cake I’ve ever had. My husband was on travel when I received it and I couldn’t even save him a piece!”   –Victoria Johnson, May 2005.

“The cakes (Rum Raisin) were OUTSTANDING… there is no other words for it.  We ran out, as people started having “seconds”…The chocolate sauce was a perfect addition which every person enjoyed…and topped off with vanilla ice cream.  It was not good for the diets… but… who cares!  Congratulations Rochelle on a great product.”   -Bob (aka Falcon),  June 2005.

“Your rum cake (Classic) was a big hit! Everyone enjoyed this “little touch of the Caribbean in the woods of Pennsylvania”!  We had a great time taking pictures of us eating Auntie’s Yummy, Rummy Cake!”   -Tish Tuite & family-August 2005.

“The cakes were wonderful — I thought they were better than the wedding cake!  Thanks for your flexibility and working with me.  It made me feel that I gave them the best of the best!”   –J. M. S. 2005.

“I’m still dreaming about your rum cakeI’m already thinking of how we can arrange to have an Auntie’s Rum Cake on every charter boat in St. Thomas! ”   –Gina, Canada 2005.

“It is good, meh-son!  Dis de real ting!”   -Rosie, St. Thomas, VI 2005.

“The cake was very good (and we are huge cake critics & connoseirs)!“   -Chris Petersen & family, St. Thomas, USVI  2005.

“Heck yeah, this is definitely another winner!” (comment made after tasting the latest rum cake in development by Auntie).   -L. Wood, 2005.

“Trying your cake (at Cuzzin’s Restaurant) was a huge mistake-now I just want to only have dessert!“   –M. Quintanilla, 2005.

“We LOVE it (cool lemonade).  We already want MORE.  Mandela (my son) is talking about it, my friends are talking about it, my parents are talking about it…This is a dessert people have a RELATIONSHIP with! YUMMMMMMM!!!!  Thanks for being AUNTIE, so we could have the experience!”   -A. Sheaffer-Confection Afficianado, 2005.

“I surprised my daughter with an Auntie’s Rum Cake during exam week.  She was indeed surprised and they all loved it at the sorority house!  Thanks for getting it to her right on time!”   -Dana & Fred Hill, June 2005.

“I tried them all; I liked the Spiked Lemonade and Pina Colada the best!  The Classic Rum Raisin and Hot Chocolate were also good!“   -Anonymous, 2005.

“The taste & texture of the Pina Colada were great!”   -T. Schumacker, June 2005.

“Both the Spiked Lemonade and Pina Colada were very good!”   -James Klopp, June 2005.

“Excellent!!  The flavors are wonderful (Original, Spiked Lemonade & Pina Colada)!  If I can’t get to the islands, this is the next best thing!“   -Rebecca, June 2005.

“I tried all your samples and all were very good.  I could not choose which one I liked best.  All are winners!”   -B.L., Sylvania, OH.

“This is some serious snacking!  These cakes are moist, flavorful and carry the right punch (Original, Pina Colada, Spiked Lemonade).”   -Pat Johnson, Sweet P’s, June 2005.

“Hot Chocolate & Classic Rum (both Rum-Free)- moistness, density & texture are superb!  Love the glaze-like crunch of the crust.”   -Pamela Morgan, June 2005

“Hot Chocolate(Rum-Free)- very good-moist the way a cake should be!“   -Anne Limes, June 2005.

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